September 1, 2023

12 Condominium Swimming Pool Rules and Etiquette to Keep in Mind

Condominium Swimming Pool Rules and Etiquette

Living in a condominium has several perks, including having a swimming pool just an elevator ride away. It’s easily accessible for your daily laps or exciting pool parties. 

However, since the pool is a condo amenity shared among all residents, it’s important to observe the basic rules and practice proper etiquette for a hassle-free and safe pool experience that you and other condo residents can enjoy. 

If you aren’t fully aware of the pool-sharing rules in a condo, don’t fret. Here are essential guidelines for using your condo’s swimming pool respectfully and safely.

6 Condominium Swimming Pool Rules to Follow 

Swimming is often a fun experience, whether you’re doing it as a sport or to bond with friends and family. However, without rules, it can turn into a chaotic activity. Here are condo swimming pool rules to keep in mind.

1. Don’t run, dive, or horseplay

Running and horseplay around the pool deck is a no-no, as they can lead to accidents and injuries. Instead, walk calmly and avoid diving from the poolside to prevent accidents, especially in shallow areas. If you or your guests want to dive, at least learn the proper technique first and do it in the deeper part of the pool. Otherwise, enter and exit the pool using the stairs or handrails.

2. Don’t bring glass objects

People often go barefoot when swimming or walking around a pool. It’s best to refrain from bringing glass objects, such as bottles or glassware, near the pool to prevent them from breaking and starting potential hazards. Broken glass can cause serious injuries and be challenging to clean up, posing risks for everyone in the area.

You can use plastic plates and cups when serving food and drinks. Just remember to dispose of them properly afterward.

3. Wear proper swimming attire

swimming pool attire

Some condos have a specific dress code for their swimming area. By wearing appropriate swimwear, you can move freely in the water and maintain cleanliness and sanitation. Then, tie your hair in a bun or use a swim cap to protect your hair from chlorine and avoid blocking the pool’s drain.

Avoid wearing cotton shirts or shorts, as their fibers might clog and contaminate the pool. You can wear a rash guard or swim leggings if you and your guests want to cover up.

4. Don’t drink in the pool area

As tempting as it may be to enjoy a refreshing beverage by the poolside, drinking around the pool area is generally prohibited. When tipped over, sodas, juices, and alcoholic drinks may contaminate the pool and affect water treatment. Your condo’s property management office (PMO) may close the swimming area to fix it, affecting your and other residents’ chances of using the pool.

Instead, consume beverages away from the pool to maintain a safe and clean environment.

5. Supervise children at all times

Safety and supervision go hand in hand, especially when bringing children to the pool area. Ensure your kids swim only in designated areas. Always accompany them or assign an adult chaperone who can attend to them as they swim.

It would be best to keep a close eye on your children, no matter how well they swim or how shallow the water is, as accidents can happen anytime.

6. Don’t swim if you have a viral or contagious disease

If there’s anything we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, you shouldn’t compromise others’ health and safety when you’re sick or recovering from it. Refrain from using the pool while unwell or discourage guests nursing an illness from attending your pool party to prevent transmitting contagious diseases. 

6 Swimming Pool Etiquette Practices 

Observing unwritten rules for using the condominium swimming pool shows you’re courteous and respectful of your neighbors. Here are some swimming pool etiquette practices to follow. 

1. Limit your guests

While sharing the pool with friends and family is wonderful, remember to respect the space and be mindful of the pool’s capacity since condo swimming pools are typically not for commercial use. Other condo residents may want to use the pool anytime, so limit the number of your guests to ensure everyone has ample room to relax and enjoy.

2. Ensure guests follow pool rules

When inviting guests to the pool, brief them on the pool rules and etiquette to ensure everyone stays safe and maintains a harmonious atmosphere with your condo neighbors.

Following pool guidelines also safeguards your condo facilities from unnecessary damage. It prevents accidents that are costly to repair while ensuring the pool area remains clean for everyone’s enjoyment.

3. Get clearance for pets and kids

kids and adults in swimming pool

If you plan an activity involving pets or kids, it’s considerate to communicate it with the PMO to comply with regulations and guidelines. Ask the PMO about special considerations or restrictions for bringing pets and kids to the pool.

This step can help prevent misunderstandings or potential conflicts with other residents who might have allergies, phobias, or preferences regarding animals or children in the pool area.

4. Keep reasonable noise levels

Everyone loves having a good time, but remember to keep your noise levels down because condo units surround the pool area. Use the space modestly, especially during quieter hours, to avoid disturbing other condo residents who may be sleeping or working

5. Get dry before entering the elevator

As considerate neighbors, it’s polite to dry off before stepping into the elevator after using the pool to maintain cleanliness and prevent any inconvenience for other residents. Otherwise, entering the elevator while wet can cause slips, falls, and even electrical accidents that may damage your condo’s facilities and harm others.

6. Clean before you go

Leave the pool area clean as you found it. Dispose of any trash or personal items properly, and tidy up after yourself to ensure a pleasant swim for the next users. Cleaning as you go also keeps your condo facilities in good condition, making it more livable for the community.

Splash Safely

Adhering to condo swimming pool rules and etiquette is not just a matter of courtesy but a crucial step in ensuring the safety and convenience of yourself, your guests, and fellow condo residents. When you respect these guidelines, you create a harmonious pool environment where everyone can enjoy their time while fostering a sense of community and consideration for one another.

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