September 28, 2021

The Ultimate Condo Maintenance Checklist

plumber fixing a condo that he is maintaining

When it comes to maintaining your home, it’s best to follow a preventive approach–even for condos. Although the condo’s association dues should cover maintenance, these fees usually go towards other aspects such as the maintenance and upkeep of common areas.  

Thus, you must take the necessary steps to ensure your condo unit is in tip-top shape. After all, who doesn’t want to make that “just-moved-in” feeling last longer? By performing regular check-ups and properly maintaining your condo, you get to expand its life span and prevent potential, costly damage in the future.

So, where do you start? We at Federal Land have prepared a thorough condo maintenance checklist to equip you with the knowledge of how and what to inspect, clean, and maintain when caring for your condo,

How Often Should You Conduct Maintenance?

One of the key steps for proper maintenance is regularly cleaning your condo. This doesn’t mean cleaning only when you have the time. To keep your condo at its best, you need to make time and have a regular cleaning schedule.

Perform extensive cleaning once or twice a month and a general house cleaning every week to prevent any mildew and molds from accumulating. Stock up on disinfectant sprays and air deodorizer packets to keep the air fresh and clean.

After setting a regular cleaning schedule, maintain your condo by doing preventive checks. These involve the periodic inspection of equipment, furniture, and appliances to prevent damage over time. Overall, this practice will ensure you avoid any extensive repairs or replacements as much as possible.

To establish an effective maintenance routine, conduct checks on various systems in your condo depending on the season to come. Since the Philippines essentially has two seasons—summer (dry) and rainy (wet)—keeping your maintenance and cleaning on track will be fairly easy. Here are some essential maintenance checks to conduct before the wet and dry seasons:

Wet or Rainy Season

Leak-free doors and windows

Check your doors and windows for any gaps to ensure that rainwater won’t seep into your unit. For windows, make sure they have rubber sealants attached to the frame. Should there be any leaks or gaps, window realignment or waterproofing solvent application usually do the trick. 

Protect your metal and wooden furniture

Corrosion or rust can develop on your metal furniture and fixtures due to damp and humid air, especially inside the bathroom or any enclosed space. You can coat these with rust-proof paint or protective solvents such as paste wax and grease.
Similarly, rain (particularly moisture) can cause wood furniture to deteriorate. Sealants, lacquer, wax, and oil can protect them, but you can also keep your interiors well-ventilated.

Look out for damaged walls

Moisture can also seep into your walls, causing them to get damped and cracked. This will eventually lead to peeling paint, leaks, and molds—all of which can weaken your unit’s structure and integrity. Make sure to check for cracks by the door and window frames regularly and remedy any cracks with wall putty.

Good ventilation

During the rainy season, it’s normal to have your windows and doors shut most of the time. However, this will cause the air inside your condo unit to become damp or humid. To maintain good air quality, open your windows once in a while and let fresh air in.

Dry or Summer Season

Ensure air conditioners and fans are working

Make sure to dust your fans’ blades and clean your air conditioning unit’s filters. It’s ideal to seek the help of a technician to inspect your AC at least once a year. 

Inspect smoke detectors

The summer season means an increased chance for accidents, particularly fires. Inspect and test your smoke detectors and clean any dirt that has built up around them.

Check showerheads and faucets

So you can enjoy those much-needed cold baths in summer, inspect your showerheads and faucets. Check for any mineral deposits that may have accumulated. If your faucet is leaking, it may be a case of a loose handle or damaged O-rings. Don’t hesitate to call the maintenance staff for more serious problems.

Clean windows

Windows are a significant help when it comes to ventilation. Thus, it’s essential to keep them free from obstructions. Keep both the window and window screen clean and check for any damage on the hinges.

Keep your kitchen cool

During the summer, the kitchen can be one of the hottest areas in your condo. To avoid any accidents, inspect your kitchen equipment and all sockets and wirings for any damage. Make sure also to check your range hood if you have one.

The Ultimate Condo Maintenance Checklist

Now that you know what to look out for depending on the season, it’s time to ensure all your bases are covered. Here’s the ultimate checklist that will break down everything you need to care for and regularly check for a well-maintained condo.

For Your Safety

Fire extinguishers and alarm systems

Each floor in a condo should have its own fire extinguisher and alarm system. Regularly check them for any damage, such as signs of wear and tear, missing or unsealed locking pins, dents, or broken nozzles.


It’s essential to inspect your water pipes regularly, especially during colder weather, to prevent damage. Poorly insulated pipes can freeze or burst in low temperatures.


To maintain your door locks, make sure to clean and lubricate them regularly. Inspect hinges and screws to see if they’re properly intact and test if the deadbolt operates freely. In other words, you shouldn’t have to push, pull, or lift the door to use the lock.

Electrical wiring

By preventing faulty electrical wiring, you also avoid any potential house fires. Look out for old, frayed, or damaged wires, especially those connected to appliances. Better yet, have your electrical wiring inspected by a professional electrician, especially if you have an older unit, to ensure your electrical system is completely free from damage.

For Your Furniture and Appliances

Washer and dryer

The washer is one of the most used appliances at home, so make sure to check its hoses and plumbing to avoid any leaks. Similarly, don’t forget to thoroughly clean lint traps in your dryer since neglecting them can ignite a fire.


Watch out for any unusual sounds or leaks coming from your refrigerator and ensure that all its different settings are functioning properly. Declutter, clean, and organize now and then to avoid placing too much strain on it.

Air conditioners and fans

Regularly clean out your AC’s air filters to keep the air fresh and clean, maintain optimal functioning, and prevent accidental fires. As mentioned, don’t hesitate to seek a technician or your condo’s resident electrician for assistance and proper inspection.


Whether it’s a portable electric fan or a ceiling fan, it’s essential to clean them to ensure they last for years to come. Do this once a month to keep the circulating air fresh and clean. 

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs accumulate dirt and hair easily, and vacuuming is not enough.  Try to wash them once a month before they breed any bacteria and pests.

Sofas, pillows, and mattresses

Vacuum your sofas, pillows, and mattresses once a month to get rid of dust mites and any spills or stains. Use the dust brush tool for leather surfaces.

For Hygiene and Overall Cleanliness


It’s necessary to clean showerheads at least once a month. You can scrub the nozzles with a toothbrush or submerge the showerhead in white vinegar for a few hours for a more thorough cleaning.  Don’t forget to wash off dirt from the filter screen to eliminate bacteria.


Faucets require little maintenance—simply clean them with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser, then dry with a soft cloth. Small components like springs and seats are subject to normal wear and tear and may need replacement eventually, but simple faucet repair kits are available at hardware stores. You can also seek assistance from your resident plumber.


Use a mild soap and a nylon sponge or soft rag to wipe your sink down for daily cleaning. As an alternative, you can also use an all-purpose or glass cleaner. However, avoid using ammonia, bleach, or rough, abrasive cleaners on stainless steel sinks.

Pest control

Cockroaches, termites, and other common pests can grow in number quite rapidly, infesting your unit and causing damage to interiors and electricals. Thus, it’s crucial to bring in pest control specialists at least once a year—whether or not there have been pest complaints.


A lot of plumbing troubles come from the drains. Every time someone washes hair or larger objects go down the drain, the entire condo can be at risk of a clog. To prevent this, remember to scrape leftover food bits and dispose of grease into the bin and use drain screens. 
Instead of pouring harsh chemicals to clear out clogs, use white vinegar to break up mineral water deposits. Vinegar can also help clear your faucet’s aerators, improving water pressure.


Keep window blinds and shades clean by wiping off dust and stubborn dirt at least once a week. You can use an antiseptic spray afterward to keep dust from piling up. To remove mildew spots, use a squeegee with a soft rubber edge or crumpled newspaper to wash the frames and the window itself.
For an all-natural solution, mix equal parts vinegar and water to clean your windows effectively.

Maintaining a Condo Means Maintaining Peace of Mind

Damage to your home can take a hold on daily life, and it’s especially frustrating when you know these could’ve been prevented. This is why preventive maintenance plays a big part in keeping your condo in great shape with minimal effort, making the cost of owning a condo worth every peso. All you need to do is establish a maintenance routine for inspection and cleaning, and of course, stick to it.

However, before committing to this routine, remember that small steps will make a big difference in the long run. Take the time to adjust to your maintenance schedule. This will allow you to learn how certain appliances should be maintained and more efficiently used in the routine.

Knowing how to maintain and when to repair and replace your items will help you develop an effective routine that will save you a lot of time, effort, and money further down the line.

To see how a maintenance routine can be easily practiced with minimal effort, consider getting a home that’s already in tip-top shape! Federal Land offers a wide range of quality condos located in prime spots in the Philippines.

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