February 7, 2024

Where to Go in Quezon City: A QC Neighborhood Guide

Quezon City is one of the largest and top cities in the Philippines, offering a vibrant urban life. It’s a diverse hub offering numerous attractions, dining experiences, and cultural gems that are sure to attract you, whether for a short visit or long-term relocation.

From its history to its thriving food scene and lively entertainment options, there are many opportunities to obtain unforgettable experiences in this bustling metropolis.

To help you navigate the area, here’s a list of what to do in Quezon City and places to visit for a fun-filled day (or days) off. 

Where to Go in Quezon City: A QC Neighborhood Guide

Quezon City is a vibrant city that offers diverse experiences you and other visitors will enjoy. From historical sites to hidden restaurant gems, the city has it all. Here are some Quezon City neighborhoods and what you can do in each.

New Manila

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The first on the list of Quezon City hotspots is New Manila. This elite suburban enclave exudes a captivating blend of history and modern allure. The presence of old Art Deco-style houses and heritage buildings is a testament to the neighborhood’s enduring history. 

You can catch glimpses of the past as you stroll through tree-lined streets, making it a place of interest for many history enthusiasts.

  • Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato is often synonymous with vibrant nightlife and bountiful dining options. This street comes to life when the sun sets, featuring an array of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Whether you are in the mood for a cozy dinner or want a lively night out with friends, Tomas Morato is the place to be.

  • PETA Theater

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) Theater is a cultural hub that nurtures artistic talent and showcases thought-provoking performances. Beyond providing entertainment, its productions mirror social issues. Indeed, watching a show here can give your history buff and artsy self a wonderful theater experience.


Diliman is your go-to neighborhood for a rich cultural and academic vibe. It’s where education, culinary delights, and historical landmarks converge—offering unique experiences in every corner. 

Plus, it houses the main campus of the prestigious University of the Philippines (UP). This renowned institution continues to shape generations of scholars and contribute to the country’s cultural, political, and academic landscape. So, if you want to pursue higher education in UP, moving to this neighborhood is an excellent choice.

  • UP Diliman Campus

Apart from the bustling academic environment, the UP Diliman campus offers a haven of greenery and art. The iconic Oblation statue stands tall, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge. The Sunken Garden is also great for you and your friends to hang out and play. 

On top of this, the campus also boasts many food options. Among its popular spots is Area 2, where students and visitors can taste delicious snacks and meals at affordable prices.

  • Maginhawa Street

Besides the UP campus food scene, Maginhawa Street is a food lover’s paradise that showcases Diliman’s vibrant culinary landscape. It has a diverse lineup of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, each offering unique flavors. From local Filipino dishes to international cuisine, Maginhawa Street has it all. It’s a culinary journey that caters to all tastes and preferences.


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This Quezon City neighborhood is in the northern part of the area. With lush greenery that creates a serene atmosphere, Novaliches offers a delightful mix of nature and urban conveniences you can look forward to as a nature enthusiast. It’s also home to the La Mesa Watershed and the La Mesa Dam and Reservoir, which supply water to Metro Manila.

  • La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Ecopark is a tranquil oasis amid Novaliches’ hustle-and-bustle nature. It encompasses a vast area of greenery that provides respite from noisy and fast-paced city life. You can immerse yourself in nature by exploring its various attractions, including the butterfly garden, orchidarium, and fishing lagoon. 

  • Church of the Diocese of Novaliches

The Church of the Diocese of Novaliches is a spiritual cornerstone of the neighborhood and one of the oldest churches in Manila. It serves as a place of worship, reflection, and community for the residents. This beautiful church holds religious events and ceremonies, providing a sense of spiritual belonging and community support.

White Plains

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Like Diliman, the White Plains neighborhood of Quezon City offers a distinct combination of taste, art, and history. Situated in the area where the 1986 People Power Revolution took place, White Plains is steeped in history. It embodies creativity and remembrance of the country’s historical struggles.

  • People Power Monument

The People Power Monument is a powerful reminder of the peaceful revolution in EDSA in 1986. It’s an iconic symbol of the Filipino people’s patriotism. The monument features statues of nuns, civilians, and soldiers who played pivotal roles during this historic event. 

So, consider putting this on your list of what to do in Quezon City with your friends and appreciate the masterful blend of art and history.

  • Earth Kitchen

Earth Kitchen features a different type of art. It’s a culinary gem in White Plains, showcasing a commitment to organic and locally sourced ingredients. You can celebrate the Filipino flavor with a modern twist through its dishes. 

With its eco-friendly practices, Earth Kitchen is an excellent choice if you are an eco-conscious foodie on a gastronomic journey.

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Quezon City

Life in Quezon City is captivating, with distinct neighborhoods featuring a mesh of different appeal. From the historic charm of New Manila to the natural beauty of Novaliches, these neighborhoods show that Quezon City is a place where culture, history, and nature thrive. It promises an unforgettable adventure in every corner that makes you want to come back for more.

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