November 4, 2022

The Bike-Friendly City: A Closer Look Into Marikina’s Bicycle Infrastructure

bike-friendly city

Cycling has grown in popularity over the years as more people realize the harmful ecological effects of using vehicles that run on fuel. Living in a city with an excellent bicycle infrastructure is a welcome change for those wanting to preserve the environment. 

Among all the cities in Metro Manila, Marikina is one of the most cycling-friendly areas. Rather than traveling on foot, many locals and visitors explore the town on two wheels, knowing their convenience for cyclers. Credit goes to Marikina’s local government unit (LGU) and its efforts in building the city’s bike infrastructure. 

Read on to learn more about Marikina’s biking infrastructure and how it helps its residents travel in and out of the city.

How Marikina Became a Bike-Friendly City

Besides being an easy and convenient mode of traveling, biking also offers several health benefits as you explore urban green spaces on two wheels. Here are some of the infrastructure features that cyclists enjoy in Marikina City.

1. A well-designed bike network that connects to the busy spots of the city

Initially, Marikina’s bike lane network stretched 52kms, with more lanes added since their construction in 2003. These bike lanes help cyclists travel to schools, retail spots, offices, and a nearby train station safely and securely. These cycling paths can also easily lead you into the city if you’re coming from other locations.

2. Segregated bike lanes for various types of bikers

The city’s bike infrastructure includes an elevated path along the sidewalks to protect and segregate bikers from motorists. The bike network even has designated traffic signs and other safety devices to help cyclists navigate the roads with fewer risks of accidents. 

Extended lanes along the inner roads of Marikina to Marcos Highway also help encourage people to use bicycles for transportation. These routes have thermoplastic markings and bike lane separators, empowering bikers of any age to use these developments to their advantage. 

3. Green solar studs illuminating the bike lanes at night

Marikina City encourages its residents to use bikes as a primary mode of transportation to and from work. However, workers who clock out late may think cycling in the dead of night is a harrowing experience. That is why the LGU installed solar studs along bike lanes throughout the city. They guide bikers to navigate roads safely at night and in low lighting situations.

4. Abundant bike racks that encourage daily usage of bikes

Installing bike racks all over the city provides more convenience for bikers to park their wheels and visit different locations. You’ll see bike racks in key places in Marikina, including malls, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, etc. The best part is that these facilities are all free to use, encouraging more people to get on their bikes around the city. 

5. Picturesque bike trails to promote biking for leisure and health

Popular spots like the Marikina River Park regularly undergo maintenance to encourage residents to take up cycling. This urban green space comprises a system of parks, trails, and leisure spots for recreational cycling. Beginner cyclists can practice and become comfortable on two wheels as the area is not crowded and has dedicated bike lanes. 

Best of all, its paths are tree-shaded, so you won’t feel the sun’s heat while cycling beside the river. 

6. Local government support to ensure these projects will continue

The Marikina Bikeways Office is another aspect of the city’s bike-friendly initiatives. Its goal is to support the needs of the biking community in Marikina better.

As such, this department commits itself to services and projects that help improve the bicycle infrastructure in the city. These projects include regular maintenance of bike lanes and parking spots and organizing community events. 

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