September 21, 2021

6 Ways to Find Your Perfect Condo Design Aesthetic

blue beige design aesthetic for condo

If you’re a first-time homeowner, you might be browsing online to get some inspiration from other people’s homes on how to design and organize your condo space. So, naturally, you want it to reflect your style but also be purposeful and within budget.

There are tons of beautiful homes you can take inspiration from, from minimalist and industrial to bohemian and cottagecore, so it can get overwhelming to pin down the aesthetic you want to adopt for your home. When you factor in the space availability of condos for sale in the Philippines, finding your perfect design aesthetic becomes easier said than done.

To help you get out of your design rut, we’ve rounded up six tips on how you can develop your style for your space.

How to Find Your Perfect Condo Design Aesthetic

1. Take your time

Developing your interior design style doesn’t happen overnight, so you must be ready to accept that this process will take time. By acknowledging that you need to spend a significant amount of time designing your space, you won’t feel pressured to finish a room. Dressing up your condo should be a fun experience, not a stressful one.

Add items to your home bit by bit. You don’t have to finish your space all at once like an extreme makeover challenge. Instead, give yourself a reasonable timeline to focus on one project.

For example, if you want to replace your coffee table, give yourself a couple of weeks or months to either browse different stores, find the one you like, and save up for it, or revamp the one you currently have to fit into the style you want.

2. Get design cues from your personal items

drawer full of different colored clothes

Source: Pexels

To get an overview of your style, the best place to consult is your closet. Pick out your favorite clothing items and review the colors, patterns, and fabrics. You can mirror design elements from your wardrobe to your decorating style. If comfort and ease are important to you when you wear clothes, you can pick out furniture that are soft, low-maintenance, and homey.

Aside from your closet, you can also get inspiration from your current space. Walk around your home, make a mental checklist of items you like and don’t like, and figure out why. The things you have can guide you with your decorating decisions.

3. Utilize online design boards

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent sources of inspiration. On Pinterest, you can “pin” or save other users’ designs and styles to create your board or folder. Likewise, with Instagram, you can save images from local online furniture shops and home decor stores.

You can save photos of which style you gravitate toward, whether they’re cohesive or not. Then, you can make separate boards or folders and group photos with similar themes together. After which, you can analyze which board you love the most or which has the most pictures.

When you finish building your boards, you can leave them be and not open them after some time. Get back to them after a while to see if you still feel strongly about the style or if your taste has changed.

4. Ask for guidance

Get the counsel of your friends and family. Having a second pair of eyes can help you narrow down your theme and design choices. They may have suggestions on what they think you like based on how they know you.

If you can’t reach out to anyone who’s style-savvy, you can ask home decor enthusiasts on Facebook groups like Home Buddies. Communities like these share inspirations, tips, and experiences on home design. It’s a place where you can get guidance from other locals looking to furnish their homes.

5. Start with neutrals

interior shot with neutral theme

Source: Pexels

After doing initial research, you’ll come to quickly realize that you’re already bombarded with tons of home designs and styles. Inspiration overload can lead you to decision fatigue when shopping for items. A good way to solve this is to start with your foundation and style your space around it.

For example, when choosing a big piece of furniture, choose a neutral color. It can be black, white, beige, or gray. Then, if you want to add some liveliness into the space to match your aesthetic, you can do it through secondary items like accessories, art pieces, plants, blankets, and more.

6. Notice outdoor spaces

You can also get inspired outside the digital space. There are numerous offices, stores, and restaurants with stylish interiors. All you have to do is look around. Notice how they place furniture and what kind of colors and textures they use. These places are usually brought to life by interior designers, so you know that these pieces work well together.

Discover Your Unique Decorating Aesthetic

Designing your condo space to turn it into a home that you love is a gradual process. While listening to others’ advice is important, your condo should be all about you and what it makes you feel at the end of the day.

If you’re designing your unit to rent it out, furnishing it with essential items, multi-functional furniture, and thoughtful decor can increase its property value.
Are you ready to find your style and incorporate it into your condo unit? Check out Federal Land for quality condos in prime spots in the Philippines. Contact our real estate professionals to help you in your homebuying journey.

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