May 14, 2021

Neighborhood guide to Bay Area, Pasay City

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Shopping, entertainment, culture, relaxation, and recreation merge in the bustling city of Pasay. Nestled south of Manila, Pasay City is highly urbanized and one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila. The city’s flourish over the years makes it an entertainment spot and center for culture and recreation.

The buzzing and beautiful Pasay has a lot to offer, especially for people eyeing the city as a residential address. This article gives a rundown of what makes Pasay City a great urban home for first-time homeowners, along with a neighborhood guide and residential developments you can check out.

7 Benefits of Living in Pasay City

You can be more laid-back with the interesting work-play balance in this hip community. Check out some of the advantages of living in Pasay City below.

1. An entertainment and recreation heaven

MET Live

One of the most essential benefits of living in Pasay City is its proximity to malls. You can find anything you need at nearby shopping malls and will never run out of retail, relaxation, and entertainment options. 

If you’re looking for a place to eat and relax afterward, you can head over to Blue Bay Walk and choose your favorite restaurant. Want to go on a shopping spree? Then, MET L!ve is the place to be with its numerous retail stores and more.

You’ll also never fall short of food choices when living in this community. It houses many dining options that can fit any budget and palate. You can check out the Seaside Area and Harbour Square on the top of Blue Bay Walk to expand your dining options.

2. Accessibility to Makati and other areas in Metro Manila

Pasay City is just 6 kilometers south of Manila, offering unparalleled connectivity. It’s famous for its accessibility to major thoroughfares, facilitating seamless travel to nearby cities. For instance, its proximity to Roxas Boulevard makes it easier to get to Parañaque, while the nearby Buendia Avenue lets you reach Makati City in no time. 

The city is also close to EDSA, a major highway connecting different cities in the metro, from Mandaluyong to San Juan and Caloocan. 

3. Diverse transportation methods

Coming from the previous point, Pasay City offers cheap and accessible modes of transportation for residents and working professionals going in and out of the city. These commute options include taxis, buses, jeepneys, and express utility vans (UVs). What’s more, the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) and MRT and LRT stations are highly accessible in this area.

Of course, you can opt for a time-saving private ride at a cost. It’s up to you when to use public or private transport. However, what’s great about transportation in this city is that it can cater to different needs and lifestyles.

4. Proximity to the airport

Pasay City is the Gateway of the Philippine Islands since it is home to the main point of entry in the country: NAIA. Consequently, Pasay City welcomes numerous local and international travelers at NAIA’s gate. 

Living near the airport can be a practical and charming idea. This factor gives you a higher chance of interacting with people from different walks of life, helping you shape a broader and healthier view of the world.

5. A rich history and charming arts and culture scene

cultural center of the philippines

Did you know that the name of Pasay City is after Dayang-Dayang Pasay, a princess of the ancient kingdom Namayan? From its name to the landmarks it houses, Pasay City is home to many historical gems. 

Residing in Pasay City places you close to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), which preserves and showcases the best of Philippine culture and arts.

The city is also well-known for Lakbay Museo, another excellent place to learn about Philippine culture and traditions through modern, Instagrammable dioramas and displays.

Deep into the inner city, you can also find art galleries like Avellana Art Gallery and Galleria Duemilla. These attractions give classic and modern artists a platform for their craft.

Other places you can visit in Pasay City include the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Coconut Palace, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) Aerospace Museum, and the San Isidro Labrador Church. 

6. Convenient access to neighborhood essentials

Living in Pasay City also offers easy access to many neighborhood essentials that enhance lifestyle convenience. For example, its closeness to healthcare facilities—like San Juan De Dios Hospital, Makati Medical Center, and Pasay City General Hospital—ensures reliable medical care for residents like yourself.

Meanwhile, several pharmacies around the area contribute to the neighborhood’s health-centric environment. 

Similarly, Wellness-by-Design, a collaboration between Federal Land and Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH), adds an extra layer of healthcare accessibility. This community wellness program brings healthcare closer to home through the Homecare Plus services of MDH, including home care visits, teleconsultation, and caregiving for Federal Land property owners. 

Additionally, The Marketplace in Met Live caters to your daily needs by making grocery shopping a breeze. Indeed, Pasay City is where the necessities for a convenient lifestyle are within reach.

7. Abundant options for educational institutions

Pasay City is also an excellent place for families, as it’s close to schools and universities that provide first-class education. That means your elementary and high school kids are close to their school. 

The Pasay City Science High School is a good option for your kid’s science education. On the other hand, the Eton International School and Singapore School Manila can give your elementary or older kids a globally competitive education. If your child is in college and wants to pursue a career in healthcare, Manila Tytana Colleges may be the one for them. 

Meanwhile, the city’s proximity to the LRT grants Bay Area residents easy access to the University Belt and Taft Avenue. Your children can thus expand their options for higher education with the likes of Arellano University and De La Salle University (DLSU).

5 Things to Do in Pasay City Bay Area

Pasay City offers residents plenty of entertainment, conveniences, and necessities—fitting for all lifestyles and needs. Here are some things you can do as you live in Bay Area, Pasay City.

1. Picnic at Met Park grounds

Treat your family to a wholesome, fun afternoon at Met Park grounds. Grab a blanket and immerse yourselves in the park’s lush greenery while enjoying delicious treats and a relaxing picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty. The serene atmosphere provides a perfect escape from the urban hustle during your days off.

2. Watch the sunset at Manila Bay

In contrast with the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, the quiet beauty of the setting sun at Manila Bay is a soothing sight. You can stroll along the Baywalk of Roxas Boulevard for the best view of the world-famous sunset.

3. Host events at Le Parc and Le Pavillion

Whether for weddings, debuts, product launches, corporate events, fashion shows, or bargain hunting, event halls Le Parc and Le Pavillion at Met Park are available. Picture a grand affair, and you can do it in the grand hall where only your imagination sets the limit.

4. Enjoy a leisurely jog or bike ride on the wide city streets

The Bay Area of Pasay City doesn’t just offer convenience and relaxation. It also lets you have an active lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. Whether you prefer a jog or a bike ride, the Bay Area provides a spacious and scenic environment to indulge in your fitness routine.

5. Take part in the nightlife scene

Once the sun sets, Pasay City’s Bay Area comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Several bars, clubs, and entertainment venues offer unforgettable experiences for those seeking excitement after dark.

Residential Neighborhoods to Live in Pasay City

Pasay City offers a roster of residential areas in convenient locations near schools, business districts, shopping centers, and other key establishments and areas within the metro. 

Met Park

A sprawling 36-hectare master-planned community within the thriving Manila Bay Area business district,  Met Park is a master-planned community positioned as the Cosmopolitan Cultural District of the Bay City.

This unique development supports a flourishing Art District where you can engage with like-minded individuals in new experiences through street art galleries, workshops, concerts, and other exciting activities.

Met Park is home to resort-inspired condominiums, commercial spaces, business hubs, and recreational establishments. It establishes its presence through multiple developments for Pasay residents, office workers, shoppers, and tourists.

The Blue Bay Walk retail strip and MET L!ve mall are within the master-planned community’s premises. There are also event spaces, a school, a hospital, and a church within the area. 

Palm Beach West is a four-tower resort-inspired development in Manila’s Bay Area. It merges living and relaxation, where the seas and the bustling hip city meet. The condo has adult and children’s pools, garden pavilions, an alfresco area, fitness gyms, and more.

Another property in the area is Mi Casa,  a tropical-inspired residence reminiscent of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The property features amenities patterned after Hawaii’s love of gathering, such as adult and children’s pools, a barbeque area, a daycare room, a movie room, a library, and a gym. 

Soon, Met Park will introduce a new Japanese-concept residential and retail development in addition to the already established office and residential towers in the community.

Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard is arguably the most scenic road in Metro Manila, offering a front-seat view of the Manila sunset by the bay. Within its vicinity, you can find the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and a roster of entertainment hubs, including the City of Dreams and Seaside Dampa. It’s a historical location that accommodates a modern lifestyle.

Taft Avenue

Taft Avenue is a convenient urban location accessible to different transportation modes like jeepneys, buses, and trains. There are also top-tier schools and universities, churches, hospitals, malls, parks, and countless dining options around the neighborhood. 

Quantum Residences is a mixed-use residential-commercial condo along Taft Avenue that offers convenience and excellent amenities like a pool, business center, and study lounge. It’s a perfect match for the urban lifestyle of students, young professionals, and start-up families. 

Entertainment City

This 8-kilometer entertainment complex is a PAGCOR proposal. It sits on Manila Bay’s reclaimed land and is a casino and entertainment hub with the feel of Las Vegas. It is also a business district home to notable developments, retail and commercial establishments, and residential and mixed-use towers. 

Living here puts you close to hip bars, trendy shops, entertainment spots, and recreational places. No doubt, it is a place where work and life come together.

Live the Lifestyle You Lead in the Travel City

This guide doesn’t encompass everything Pasay City offers. However, it’s an excellent basepoint to help you get acquainted with this beautiful city. 

Living in Pasay City is ideal if you prefer urban living with limitless comforts and entertainment within reach. Fortunately, Federal Land is a real estate company in the Philippines that offers several lifestyle-centered residential condominiums around Pasay City, including Mi Casa and Palm Beach West in the Manila Bay Area and Quantum Residences along Taft Avenue. 

Explore their website to compare and find properties in Pasay City that match your lifestyle.

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