Friends Bringing Presents

How to Host a Christmas Party in Your Condo

Christmas in the Philippines is definitely something to look forward. There are lanterns, Christmas carols, “Simbang Gabi,” family reunions, parties at the office, parties at school, and parties at home.

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The Ultimate Out of Town Checklist

It’s the time for your next vacation! Time again to visit the in-laws. Time again to go somewhere exotic. Time again cut the routine and make new memories.

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9 Things You Should Not Miss When in Binondo

Binondo is the oldest Chinatown in the world. A melting pot of the Filipino and Chinese, Binondo has a rich history and heritage dates as far back as the early years of Spanish colonization.

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woman taking care of plant in the condo to achieve sustainable living

7 Air-Purifying Plants You Need In Your Condo

Most people stay indoors 80% of the time, whether it is at home or working in an office. As such, we ensure that our indoor space is as pleasant and alive as much as possible.

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Bay Area Guide Map

10 Things To Do In The Pasay City Bay Area

Over the past decade, the Bay Area of Pasay City has blossomed into the exciting Entertainment City. Bay Area offers plenty of ways to entertain. Whether you are looking to enjoy yourself, family or friends, the Bay Area has it and more.

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Giving Keys

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying an Investment Property

Investing in real estate in the long term is an excellent addition to one’s investment portfolio. Purchasing a property is both low-maintenance and high-return investment. A condominium property can be rented out and provide a passive monthly income to the investor.

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Still shot of a japanese onsen hot spring bath 1

5 Things Filipinos Love About Japan

As it is in the forefront of Japan of creative, cultural and technological advancement, Japan became synonymous with robots, anime and kawaii. Japanese brands churn products that are timely, relevant, practical yet very appealing.

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5 Must-Have, Easy Investments for Millennials

As young adults finishing school or starting a career, you may find yourself looking for the fastest way to success. While there are no shortcuts, achieving career fulfillment and financial security before 40 is an attainable possibility.

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How Long Is the Lifespan of a Condominium Building And Other Things You Need to Know 1 1

5 Advantages of Living in a Condominium near Your University

Investing in your future is the best you can do for yourself. Earning a degree in your dream university is the first step in the putting a career right on track. But what if your dream school is all across the city? Are you willing to commute four hours or more every day?

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Create Your Paradise with these 5 Ideas for Your Condo Garden

A garden is a slice of paradise that refreshes and recharges us. Aside from being pleasant to look at, studies proved that plants lighten the mood, reduce stress levels, relax the mind and improve concentration. Maybe that is why we surround ourselves with flowers and plants during celebrations like weddings and birthdays.

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3 Reasons Why Condo Living Is The Best Choice For The Family

With the rising demand for residential space and the massive urban development, family dwellings evolved to accommodate the needs and aspirations of a modern family. While the ideal family home is a charming house and lot in a suburban village, more Filipino parents appreciate the value and benefits of raising their family in condominiums.

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5 Easy Freelance Jobs for Students

As a college student, a lot is riding into your time at university. Finishing college and acquiring a degree is essential for your future career but with today’s competitive job market, a graduate will need more than a diploma.

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concpet of real estate bank vs inhouse financing

Condo Financing 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions a person will ever make. Whether it is for investment or personal housing, you will have to be wise on how you finance a property purchase.

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How To Reduce Your Utility Bills The Easy Way

Electricity. Water. Phone. No one wants to pay expensive bills every month. We all want to save our hard-earned money, put it in the bank, make a good investment, reap the benefits and live happily ever after. As much as we want to cut away from the utility expense, we just cannot do without utilities.

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homeowner's association dues

The 5 Ws and 1 H of Condo Association Dues

The condominium developer assigns a property manager to ensure the proper upkeep and the smooth operation of the condo building. The office of the property manager provides the services residents need, including security, janitorial, plumbing, and other necessary services. In lieu of this, the office of the property manager is responsible for collecting association dues and other condo fees.

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Why I Decided to Buy a Condo Instead of Renting

After graduating college, I readily joined a corporation in Makati. I wanted to learn and grow in the trade, surround myself with like-minded people and be in the center of the city. Everything is dandy. The work is challenging but rewarding, the boss is nurturing, and my friends are caring. But after two years, I […]

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child frolicking in a green space situated in an urban area

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Raising Kids in a Condo

Most couples wanting to have children look for house and lot properties. Their ideal scenario is a large yard for the kids to run around, a separate room for each kid; and a quiet space for the parents to recharge, and a friendly and safe neighborhood to have weekend barbecues with. When my fiancé and […]

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